The agreement will see Van Trump offering Meristem seed treatment products and Meristem will offer Van Trump’s agri solutions


Meristem partners with Van Trump Ag Solutions. (Credit: Pixabay/pasja1000.)

Meristem Crop Performance (Meristem) has signed a supply agreement with Van Trump Ag Solutions, a Kansas City-based agronomic consulting and farm supply business to serve American farmers.

As per the agreement, the two companies will support each other.  While, the product line of Meristem Crop Performance will now become an important component of Van Trump’s crop input offering, Van Trump Ag Solutions becomes Meristem’s ally in helping farmers make the most of every dollar they spend on crop inputs.

Meristem Crop Performance managing director Mitch Eviston said: “Kevin Van Trump and his family have built an incredible brand that is all about serving farmers and boosting economic growth in rural America. In addition to a large, well-run farming operation, Van Trump has now launched Van Trump Ag Solutions to carry out their mission.”

Van Trump Ag Solutions will offer Meristem’s products

With the agreement in place, Van Trump Ag Solutions will offer Meristem’s product portfolio including seed treatments under the brand RACEREADY, REVLINE plant growth regulators, TRUTRACK drift control, AQUADRAFT water conditioners and surfactants and HOMESTRETCH nitrogen stabilizers, micronutrients and foliar nutritionals. BLUE DEF diesel exhaust fluid rounds out the current offering.

Kevin Van Trump said: “The Meristem team is working hard to help farmers cut costs and improve yields and I am proud to be able to work with them.

“Van Trump Ag Solutions is out to boost the ability of American farmers to compete successfully in a global market, a mission that fits well with Meristem’s vision of ‘Driving Farm Business Success.’”

“Technology and global competition are bringing big change to agriculture. We feel we can bring innovation and low-cost solutions to American farmers that will provide them a competitive advantage. We need a higher ROI for every input dollar if we are to compete globally.”

Van Trump also publishes a daily report that offers on-going insight to farmers, investors and other leaders in food and agriculture and connects with an audience of more than 20,000 daily.