The stake acquisition in FNV will help ADAMA to expand its product distribution in Paraguay among industrial farmers


FNV distributes crop protection, fertilisers, seeds and bio-stimulants in Paraguay. (Credit: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

ADAMA, a manufacturer of crop protection products, has acquired majority stake in FNV, a Paraguayan agri distributor, strengthening its footprint in the Latin American market.

Established in 2015, FNV distributes crop protection, fertilisers, seeds and bio-stimulants in the country, which is the world’s sixth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of soy.

The acquisition is expected to contribute to the growth of ADAMA’s key distribution platform, as it brings a strong customer base of large, industrial farmers of FNV.

FNV is also a key distributor of ADAMA for some of its products that include CRONNOS, the triple-action fungicide for Asian soybean rust and the recently launched self-produced Prothioconazole-based mixture ARMERO.

ADAMA vice president Latin America Carlos Danilowicz said: “Based on our strong relationship with FNV as a valued distributor, and its excellent performance over the past several years, we have decided to take this significant step forward, to expand our presence in the Paraguayan market.

“We look forward to our continued collaboration with the highly experienced FNV management and dedicated sales team throughout Paraguay.”

The acquisition enables ADAMA to introduce product portfolio in Paraguay

With the acquisition, ADAMA will also be able to introduce its vast product portfolio in Paraguay and capture the full end-to-end value chain, from manufacturing to end customers.

FNV CEO Vinicius Martins said: “We are excited to deepen our relationship with ADAMA. Our customers rely on us to continue providing the high quality ADAMA products that they know and use extensively, and we are thrilled to leverage our greater access to ADAMA offerings and services to introduce new solutions to help Paraguayan growers keep their plants safe and healthy.”

In January, ADAMA collaborated with Tel Aviv University (TAU) to launch a new research and teaching programme on agriculture and crop protection.

The new study programme will be taught at the ADAMA Center for Novel Crop Protection Delivery Systems at Tel Aviv University.