The support from ADFD will help Sudan to overcome its present challenges and offer its people with the necessary supplies to drive growth in agriculture and food security


Image: Farmers working on a field in Sudan. (Credit: ADFD.)

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) is providing Sudan with agricultural supplies worth AED40m ($10.8m) as part of the UAE’s support to the agricultural sector in the country.

The support includes a provision of nine million bags for packaging agricultural products and crops. The first shipment which includes 3,315,000 packaging bags have already been delivered to the Sudanese Government in coordination with the UAE embassy and the Agricultural Bank of Sudan.

The remaining bags will be delivered before the end of next month, ADFD stated. The support is part of a $3bn aid package approved by the UAE and Saudi Arabia to support the economic and financial stability of Sudan.

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development director-general Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi said: “This assistance articulates the keen interest taken by the UAE’s wise leadership to enable Sudan to overcome its present challenges, and provide its people with necessary supplies to drive growth in key sectors including agriculture, education, healthcare and food security.

“For several years, ADFD has played an active role in the development of Sudan. We have supported projects serving key economic sectors including agriculture given its crucial significance for the country’s economic development.

“Furthermore, we contributed to the development of many strategic projects that translate a long-term economic impact on the sustainable development of Sudan.”

The UAE Ambassador to Sudan Hamad Mohammed Humaid Al Junaibi said: “The UAE’s continued support for the government of Sudan will enable the country to overcome its economic challenges and achieve stability and prosperity.

“Our wise leadership is keen to leverage the outstanding relationship both countries have fostered over the years to achieve our mutual interests.”

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have supported Sudan in the past

In October 2019, the UAE and Saudi Arabia had sent the fourth shipment of 200,000 tonnes of wheat to Sudan, fulfilling their commitment of providing 540,000 tonnes of wheat to strengthen food security in the country over three months.

Last August, the countries had shipped two batches of wheat totalling 140,000 tonnes and the third batch of 200,000 tonnes of wheat were sent last September.