AE’s new power control system can break down barriers to indoor farming and address production challenges in food, pharmaceutical ingredients, plants and flowers

Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy's new Artesyn iTS. (Credit: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc./ Business Wire.)

Advanced Energy (AE), a power control systems-manufacturer, has launched lighting and power control system for indoor, vertical and greenhouse farming.

The new lighting and power system is claimed to break down barriers to indoor, vertical and greenhouse farming through reduced power consumption, bringing down costs and increasing the crop yield.

The use of LED technology in horticultural lighting systems, which plays a fundamental role, can be transformed by the use of AE’s new lighting and power control system to address the challenges of production in food, pharmaceutical ingredients, plants and flowers.

AE claims that its lighting system can help consumers in reducing their power conversion costs by as much as 50%, lowering installation, cost of operations and in increasing the quality of crop yield.

AE’s new power control system features Artesyn intelligent Transfer Switch (iTS) and iHPS configurable power supply. Along with Artesyn’s compact new 12kW 300 VDC module, AE brings a cost-effective platform for advanced indoor farming applications.

The new system can produce up to 38% savings in lighting power and control installation costs, while removing substantial energy wastage.

The new iHPS is a ‘short’ version of AE’s iHP power supply. The shorter design is claimed to allow for more space within the lighting and power cabinet for other crucial components, reducing weight and cost, while improving the life of the system.

The new iTS also offers a solution for switching or sharing a single power source between two different rooms, further reducing installation costs by cutting down on the number of iHP power supplies needed at an indoor farm.

Advanced Energy industrial marketing vice president Joe Voyles said: “Our groundbreaking lighting, power and control system delivers significant improvements over conventional lighting solutions and opens up new opportunities for the industry.

“We are transforming our customers’ operations by both reducing the amount of needed equipment and improving the efficiency of the lighting systems, thereby reducing cost and energy spend.

“Not only do these innovative new products increase the efficiency and quality of fruit and vegetable production, but they also open the door to establishing indoor farming facilities in harsh environments anywhere in the world.”