Fawligen, a pesticide developed by AgBiTech, is currently undergoing regulatory trials and evaluations across several African countries


AgBiTech to distribute Fawligen pesticide to control Fall Armyworm in Nigeria. (Credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures.)

AgBiTech, a biological pest control solutions provider, has entered into an agreement with Golden Agri Inputs (GAIL), a member of the FMN Group, to exclusive distribute Fawligen in Nigeria.

Fawligen, an insecticide developed by AgBiTech, is expected to control Fall Armyworm (FAW), an invasive pest.

Nigeria was the first country where FAW was detected in Africa in 2016 and the partnership is expected to enable the farmers in the country to get access to Fawligen to prevent FAW’s infestation.

AgBiTech CEO Adriano Vilas-Boas said: “This partnership in Nigeria is a very important step for AgBiTech.  The uniqueness of our Fawligen leveraged by the robust GAIL/FMN market platform will bring Nigerian growers a valuable choice to effectively and sustainably manage FAW.

“We work hard to offer a mainstream foundational insecticide tool worldwide. Our current commercial focus is in the US, Brazil, Paraguay, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and multiple countries in Africa like Nigeria, Zambia, and Ivory Coast with new markets under review.”

Fawligen contains nucleopolyhedrovirus specific to the pest

As per AgBiTech, Fawligen belongs to the new IRAC mode of action Group 31 (host-specific occluded pathogenic viruses). It contains nucleopolyhedrovirus specific to the Fall Armyworm pest. Presently, the insecticide is undergoing regulatory trials and evaluations across several African countries.

The distribution agreement is claimed to act as a protection in Nigeria, which has one of the largest maize acreage in Africa with 5 million hectares.

The insecticide is developed protect their crops from severe injury and economic damage caused by the FAW infestation.

FMN group managing director Boye Olusanya said: “We will continue to pursue partnerships in all areas of our core competence, particularly in Agribusiness, where we hope to further strengthen our leadership position. I believe this partnership with AgBiTech is especially important because it offers farmers an efficient option of pest management products that prevent yield losses.”

“Nigerian farmers who are looking to protect their investments will be happy to learn that FAWLIGEN is a terrific addition to a lineup of products under GAIL/FMN that have been developed to do just that.”