AGCO and 151 Research already involved in the development of GSI GrainViz precision grain monitoring solution


AGCO is developing GSI GrainViz using technology similar to an MRI scan to show the moisture content of grain inside a steel storage bin. (Credit: AGCO Corporation)

Agricultural machinery and solutions provider AGCO has agreed to acquire research and product development company 151 Research to design new technology solutions for grain customers.

151 Research is involved in the development of intelligent security, remote monitoring and management, and advanced imaging solutions to deliver advanced business insights to the customers.

The company works with the University of Manitoba’s Electronic Imaging Lab and other academic partners to address issues in the retail, medical field, information security and agriculture sectors.

Under an exclusive technology partnership, the companies already involved the development of GSI GrainViz precision grain monitoring solution.

GrainViz will deliver advanced insight on the moisture content of the grain in the steel storage bins to growers and commercial operators.

The acquisition of 151 Research will help AGCO to continue the development of GrainViz and extend into new solutions.

151 Research CEO Paul Card said: “GrainViz allows users to see the moisture content throughout the entire grain mass to proactively manage the quality and quantity of their stored grain.”

AGCO is planning to retain 151 Research’s 45 current employees, in addition to maintaining the Winnipeg office as the smart grain technology centre of excellence.

The team is also said to complete an initial release of GrainViz in a limited number of bins this fall, which extensive launch is planned before the 2021 harvest.

AGCO grain and protein general manager and senior vice president Stefan Caspari said: “Our grain customers are facing significant challenges due to difficulty finding labour, low commodity prices and tight margins.

“We need the sharpest minds working on finding answers to these challenges, and we believe this acquisition will help improve our customers’ operations through smarter technology.”

AGCO is engaged in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural solutions. It offers a full line of equipment and related services to the farmers.

The company offers its products through five brands such as Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

In February this year, AGCO introduced the new Fendt Momentum planter in North America for row crop producers.