New Fendt brand products from AGCO include row crop-friendly tractor and a new planter


Image: AGCO Fendt 900 tractor. Photo: Courtesy of AGCO Corporation.

AGCO Corporation, an American agricultural equipment and solutions manufacturer based in Duluth, Georgia, has made a significant investment in Fendt North America to double the dealer locations in the past year.

The company has also introduced a row crop-friendly Fendt 900 Gen6 series of tractors and plans to launch MOMENTUM planter.

AGCO intends to position the Fendt as the brand of choice for North American farmers and producers with the launch of the Fendt IDEAL combine in 2018 and the redesigned, row crop-friendly tractors.

The company has 189 Fendt dealership locations in North America, of which 98 have been opened in the past 12 months.

Fendt dealerships are now present in 37 of the 54 US states and Canadian provinces.

AGCO launches new Fendt products

AGCO has been selling Fendt tractors in North America since 1998 and launched the newly redesigned Fendt 900 tractor series this year.

The company has used its 90 years of engineering innovation and manufacturing experience in building the five new Fendt Gen 6 models.

Ranging from 296hp to 415hp, the 900 Series tractors have been designed for the North American market.

The machines incorporate several technologies that were introduced in the Fendt 1000 Series to handle all tasks faced by a crop producer, cattle operation or custom farming operation.

The Fendt IDEAL combine blends the company’s engineering innovation with advanced operating technology to deliver field efficiency, uptime, simple operation, and better grain quality, setting a new standard for harvesting automation.

The Fendt MOMENTUM planter, to be launched in February 2020, made its debut in Brazil and is undergoing field trials in North America.

AGCO acquired Precision Planting two years ago and the MOMENTUM planter features the latest, Precision Planting technologies.

The company supports all Fendt products in North America through Fendt Gold Star Customer Care.

AGCO Americas senior vice-president and general manager Bob Crain said: “The Fendt dealership expansion is a clear sign of our continued commitment not only to growth in North America, but to an expanded group of customers who, when they learn why Fendt has such a dedicated fan base, will also want to be Fendt owners.”