AGCO’s Digital Customer Experience (DCX) program will develop new ways to serve dealers and customers


Image: AGCO to enhance digital platform for dealers and customers. Photo: Courtesy of Garik Barseghyan/Pixabay

AGCO, a US-based agricultural equipment and solutions provider, has announced that it will invest in new Digital Customer Experience program (DCX) as part of its development of new digital capabilities to create the best experience for its dealers and customers.

As a business transformation programme, DCX will develop new ways to serve its customers by improving engagement processes for AGCO and its distribution partners.

DCX will use new technologies to create integrated digital platforms to support the digital strategies of the group’s core brands.

DCX will enhance complete customer journey

The programme is expected to enhance the complete customer journey, starting from when customers learn about AGCO’s products and farming solutions through their life cycle.

Customers will find new ways to interact with their brand from their smartphones, tablets and desktops, from the convenience of their home or on the move.

They will also be able to learn about new solutions for their farms, configure their machines to suit the needs, manage their fleet and buy services and accessories, or even find out about a breakthrough in the agricultural original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry.

The platform will also include a modern collaborative ecommerce platform for buying parts from their dealers.

The digital platform will also provide a consistent and effective selling process for the group’s distribution partners. Together with its dealers, the company will be able to improve value propositions to its customers based on analytics.

If customers permit the company to access and use their data, dealers will be able to reach new customer segments and offer customised or relevant solutions, by identifying immediate needs and anticipating them throughout the customer journey, the company claimed.

AGCO stated that its subsidiary Valtra will showcase a new customer portal which will allow its customers to manage their businesses seamlessly and access all the information they need to connect with their dealers and brand.

Massey Ferguson, another brand of AGCO, has recently embraced a new digital approach, to offer Zero Distance Experience, a seamless platform its business partners and customers.

Next year, the DCX programme team is expected to continue developing digital solutions for the rest of Europe and the Middle East (EME) markets and the other AGCO regions, starting with Asia-Pacific.