The new MF1316S RazorEdge pull-type disc mower conditioner is expected to optimise crop throughput and quality, to help operators cut and condition more acres in a day


Image: Hesston by Massey Ferguson’s MF1316S RazorEdge pull-type disc mower conditioner. Photo: Courtesy of Agco Corporation.

Hesston by Massey Ferguson, a hay equipment brand from Agco, has introduced its new model MF1316S RazorEdge pull-type disc mower conditioner to the North American producers.

The new 16ft, centre-pivot mower conditioner, which was launched during Farm Progress Show 2019, is claimed to have been built to optimise crop throughput and quality, to help operators cut and condition more acres in a day.

Featuring easy-to-service belt-drive augers at the ends of the header, the new model, which replaces the MF1395 as the largest of the heavy-duty, fully welded-frame 1300 Series of RazorEdge pull-type mower conditioners.

The MF1316S conditioner can move the crop quickly to the conditioners, minimizing the chance of double cuts, crop wrapping and buildup.

It results in uniform windrows that dry faster and more evenly, enhancing the baler operator’s ability to form a heavy, dense, evenly shaped bale while preserving the quality of hay or forage.

The RazorEdge cutterbar ensure a smooth cut, the hydraulically tensioned conditioner system on the MF1316S will also reduce drying time for optimum crop quality and the optional quick-change knife system, also adds to the convenience and safety of operator.

AGCO hay and forage product marketing manager Matt LeCroy said: “The new design of the MF1316S disc mower conditioner improves the machine’s performance for maximum crop throughput and a uniform, quick-drying windrow behind the machine.

“Our goal is to help producers create a wide, flat windrow for fast drydown. The result is higher quality hay and forage for your livestock and your customers.”

As per Agco, the MF1316S and all the pull-type mower conditioners in the 1300 Series come with the RazorEdge cutterbar. Its spur gear design offers a thin profile and close cutting without a tilt to the header, minimises scalping, thereby limiting dirt and debris in the crop for optimized feed value.

The operator can remove the gears easily without having to split the cutterbar. Counter-rotating discs offer improved cut quality while minimizing crop streaking.

Each RazorEdge mower conditioner comes equipped with 18-degree ‘high lift’ bottom-bevel Radura knives. The sharp knives are claimed to have been created with special cold-rolled process for a wear-resistant edge that maintains its sharpness longer than ground-edge knives.