Massey Ferguson’s new 1800M and 2800M Series tractors are compact, powered by turbocharged diesel engines and offer comfort and convenience to users


AGCO Massey Ferguson’s 2860M tractor. (Credit: AGCO Corporation.)

Massey Ferguson, a subsidiary of AGCO, has launched 1800M and 2800M Series of two new compact tractors.

The new series will include five variants which will have a range of engine horsepower between 35 and 60. The new 4-wheel-drive tractors have been built on Massey Ferguson’s Iseki engines, with styling and design updates along with comfort and convenience enhancements.

The 1800M and 2800M Series will replace the 1700M Series compact tractors and the both will come with both pre-installed cab and open-station ROPS models.

The two series includes five models with engine horsepower ranging between 35 and 60

The 1800M Series tractors will feature a 1.83-litre, 3-cylinder Iseki diesel engine and will include two models with 36.2 or 39.4 engine horsepower.

The 2800M Series will be powered by a 2.43-litre, 4-cylinder Iseki-powered models, between 48.8 and 60.3 engine horsepower.

The engines are turbocharged for responsive power, are liquid-cooled for increased durability and are standard-equipped with glow plugs for fast, reliable starting in frigid temperatures.

The Iseki engines are also claimed to meet Tier IV emissions standards and can be found in specialised equipment used across the world in a wide range of agriculture, turf and commercial applications.

AGCO tactical marketing manager Jeffrey Ratliff said: “We are excited to introduce these new premium workhorses to the growing compact market segment.

“The new turbocharged and liquid-cooled Iseki engines offer some of the very latest innovations in diesel engine design and meet the growing demand for cleaner-burning, fuel-efficient power.

“The next-generation M Series delivers a new level of powerful, reliable performance.”

The new series tractors have also been freshly designed with an updated hood, headlights and new decals, reflecting the look of larger Massey Ferguson utility and row-crop tractors.

AGCO claims that the operators can still count on the solid metal hood and fenders, which are stronger and less susceptible to damage compared to plastic hoods found on other compact tractors.

All the M Series compact tractors are equipped with 540 rpm independent power takeoff (PTO), electro-hydraulic controlled for smooth engagement.

A push-button switch mounted on the rear fender lets the operator engage or disengage the rear PTO from ground level, outside of the cab or operator platform.

At an optional 2,000-rpm, mid-mount PTO also features electro-hydraulic engagement by simply twisting a knob.