AgJunction’s agreements with GeoSurf and ISTI will help in establishing it as a leading supplier of precision agri solutions in the Asia-Pacific region


Image: AgJunction signs agreements to supply precision agriculture solutions in APAC region. (Credit: Pixabay/David Jenne.)

AgJunction, an Arizona-based autosteering solutions developer, has signed agreements with GeoSurf and Anhui Zhongke Intelligent Sense and Big Data Industrial Technology Research Institute (ISTI) to provide precision agriculture solutions in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

AgJunction will integrate its autostreering technology with GeoSurf’s recently launched TaznaX, a precision agricultural solution for rice and onion transplanters based on AgJunction’sWheelman and Whirl technology.

TaznaX is a tractor guidance system developed by GeoSurf

TaznaX from GeoSurf is a tractor guidance and automatic steering system which features a real-time kinematics/virtual reference station (RTK/VRS) system. The system comes as an Android application, offering wireless connection. It also features straight and curve steering assist. It is IP67 dustproof and waterproof and can be supported remotely.

AgJunction president and CEO Brett McMickell said: “We are excited to see the launch of TaznaX in Japan. GeoSurf is the first customer to integrate our new Wheelman-based technology and new Whirl Cloud features.”

AgJunction engineering senior director Luke McBeath said: “AgJunction’s engineering team has developed features in our Whirl Cloud specifically designed for manufacturers and suppliers, such as support access and over-the-air updates. We are currently developing more advanced functionality for Whirl Cloud, such as advanced diagnostics.”

The company had also agreed to provide ISTI with a complete autosteering solution for some of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in China.

On this agreement, McMickell said: “Our deal with ISTI is aligned with our modularization strategy. Using a flexible approach, AgJunction was able to develop a precision agricultural solution that meets the needs of manufacturers in China.”

A few days ago, AgJunction announced that it will launch its MDU-G5 TORQUE, a 5th generation high-torque mechanical drive unit by this month-end.

The MDU-G5 TORQUE system is a weatherproof autosteering solution designed for a wide variety of off-road machines including agriculture vehicles such as tractors, combines and sprayers.

The new system is claimed to be easy-to-integrate and compatible with several brands and models currently in the market.

The system has a rugged design and can be highly reliable for both open and closed cab environments alike. AgJunction aims to offer the new steering system through its indirect sales channel.