The new digital service from AgroFresh will help growers to optimise harvest management while complementing the firm’s Harvista solutions


AgroFresh launches new digital service. (Credit: Pixabay/Sven Hilker)

AgroFresh Solutions, a freshness solutions provider for the food industry, has launched FreshCloud Harvest View, a digital service that offers growers information for optimum harvest management.

FreshCloud Harvest View complements AgroFresh’s Harvista 1.3 SC technology, a near-harvest solution offering flexibility to extend harvest window, improve fruit quality and optimising labour management during harvest.

FreshCloud Harvest View is claimed to capture, organise and present fast and easy-to-access data insights on the progress of starch hydrolysis, supporting growers in taking a timely decision on when to apply Harvista to maximise quality and yields.

FreshCloud Harvest View also presents growers an even more comprehensive fruit maturity assessment and Harvista application timing system. For this season, AgroFresh said that its teams will guide customers on how to use the new service, which will be accessible from the preferred mobile device or computer.

AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre said: “For decades, we’ve prioritised innovation and technology to help growers maintain and extend produce freshness and quality. We’re excited to combine our deep agricultural expertise with sophisticated, digital technology services for the industry.

“FreshCloud Harvest View is another step towards empowering our customers with fast, accurate and reliable data to make timely decisions to increase yield and quality, and ultimately maximise profit potential and reduce waste.”

FreshCloud Harvest View to offer comprehensive fruit maturity assessment

AgroFresh Solutions FreshCloud infrastructure and analytics global head Kim Bui said: “In order for our customers to deliver the best tasting and freshest fruit, they need new tools to measure and manage quality parameters starting in the orchard.

“That’s why we have developed FreshCloud Harvest View and are integrating our science-backed agricultural expertise with machine learning.

“FreshCloud Harvest View equips our customers with data-driven insights that unlock a deeper understanding of fruit maturity and storage potential during harvest, which ultimately leads to more precise and sophisticated decision-making.”

In June this year, the company announced that private equity firm Paine Schwartz Partners’ subsidiary had agreed to acquire shares amounting to $150m.