Through the acquisition of Agrinos, American Vanguard aims to capitalise on the strong market demand for sustainable crop production

American Vanguard

American Vanguard acquires crop input supplier Agrinos. (Credit: Jose Antonio Alba/ Pixabay)

American Vanguard announced that its subsidiary AMVAC Chemical has acquired Agrinos, a biological crop inputs supplier, for an undisclosed amount.

American Vanguard said that Agrinos’ high yield product platform works in conjunction with other nutritional crop inputs to increase crop yield, improve soil health and reduce the environmental footprint in traditional agricultural practices.

Agrinos is a developer of effective biological products using proprietary technology and unique formulations to deliver high crop yields, high crop quality and increased return on investment.

Its products are said to strengthen soil microbiome and deliver highly bioavailable nutrients, helping plants prosper. When integrated into a grower’s practices they are touted to deliver consistent performance across a broad range of crops, soils and environments.

Agrinos further says that its products enrich soil microbiome, in turn, help shapes the potential of modern agriculture. The company claims that uncovering insights on soil microbial life can enhance crop yield significantly.

American Vanguard chairman and CEO Eric Wintemute said: “American Vanguard is committed to enhancing agricultural productivity by providing growers with products and application systems that facilitate yield improvement, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

“In addition to our leading position in crop protection, we intend to expand our global participation in bio-nutritional inputs that contribute to improving soil health. The acquisition of Agrinos is a major step toward achieving that strategic objective.”

Agrinos portfolio to complement American Vanguard’s Greenplants liquid nutrition products

Wintemute further added: “The Agrinos portfolio will complement our Greenplants liquid nutrition products which have enjoyed successful growth in the Central American market. Additionally, these biostimulant products are tailored perfectly for use in our SIMPAS prescription application system.

“In independent field trials conducted over the last eight years, Agrinos technology has delivered yield increases on the order of 5 to 10% on row crop applications in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and cotton, and 10 to 17% in many high-value crops such as almonds, peanuts, tomatoes, melons and grapes.”