AMVAC said that the two new herbicides for corn will be available for the 2021 growing season


AMVAC launches two new herbicides for corn. (Credit: Pixabay/Artur Pawlak.)

AMVAC, a subsidiary of American Vanguard, has launched two new herbicide products, IMPACT CORE and SINATE, for corn to be available for the growing season next year.

IMPACT CORE is a herbicide for postemergence corn that controls grass and broadleaf weeds with lasting residual, while SINATE controls herbicide-resistant and important driver weeds in LibertyLink corn for better crop safety.

Field studies of IMPACT CORE have revealed extended residual weed control

According to AMVAC, field studies of IMPACT CORE are claimed to show extended residual weed control, and control of emerged annual grass and broadleaf weeds, along with several other herbicide-resistant weeds.

AMVAC marketing manager for corn, soybean and sugar beets Nathaniel Quinn said “IMPACT CORE delivers postemergence control of the toughest weeds and grasses in corn with the active ingredient found in Impact Herbicide, along with an industry-leading level of acetochlor for extended residual control.

“IMPACT CORE provides growers the flexibility of use across a wide range of field conditions to achieve needed control in their corn.”

AMVAC stated that SINATE is the first herbicide to combine another effective mode of action with glufosinate for postemergence weed control in LibertyLink corn.

Quinn said: “SINATE provides a needed one-two punch of the active ingredient found in Impact Herbicide plus glufosinate on herbicide-resistant weeds like waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed in LibertyLink corn.

“The fast-acting and wide spectrum of weed control with this product is undeniable.”

In April this year, AMVAC had secured $5m license and investment agreement with Clean Seed Capital Group.

As per the terms of the agreement, AMVAC will pay $2.5m for Clean Seed to secure a licence for intellectual property rights.