Anuvia’s GreenTRX product lineup of fertilisers includes 100% nutrients with no filler and no uncoated urea, and the ability to slowly release nitrogen


Anuvia’s GreenTRX family of products. (Credit: Anuvia Plant Nutrients.)

Anuvia Plant Nutrients, a Florida-based plant nutrients supplier, has announced the launch of GreenTRX product lineup of fertilisers in the US.

Based on Anuvia’s nutrient delivery technology, each of the new GreenTRX products are claimed to be highly efficient, offering quick greening and can improve soil health. The products are comprised of 100% nutrients with no filler and no uncoated urea.

The new lineup offers more options for the needs of lawn care professionals and the way they work.

The slow release of nitrogen reduces environmental impact

All of the GreenTRX products further claim to be environment-friendly. The slow release nitrogen can reduce environmental impact as more nitrogen will be used by the growing plant and less is lost into the atmosphere and in water.

Anuvia chief commercial officer Hugh MacGillivray said: “Conventional fertilizers may contain up to 50 percent filler and unprotected urea which is prone to volatilisation or leaching. Each bag of our product contains only granules that deliver nutrients.”

“We’ve also fine-tuned the nutrient analysis to better match customer needs. Now lawn care operators and their customers have choices that can be based on the best analysis for a specific situation.”

The new products are also easy to apply. As they include Anuvia’s TRX technology and a poly-coated urea which helps in the slow release of nitrogen, offering better visibility and an extended feed.

Anuvia stated that its GreenTRX lineup is based upon sustainable technology that upcycle organic material into fertiliser products. The products also work with the ecosystem, returning organic matter to feed soil microbes, improving soil health.

Earlier this month, Anuvia entered into a partnership with ATP Nutrition to promote, sell and service Anuvia’s SymTRX products in Canada.

SymTRX offers several benefits to farming, both from an economic and environmental perspective, such as improved nutrient efficiency and increased soil health. The fertiliser can easily blend with other fertilisers and can fit well with existing application equipment.