Atria is investing $183.7m, its biggest investment till date, to construct a new processing plant on its existing site located in Nurmo, Finland


Atria invests $184m to expand poultry production capacity by 40%. (Credit: Cision.)

Finnish food industry company Atria has announced approximately €155m ($183.7m) investment, its biggest till date, to expand its poultry production capacity by nearly 40%.

The company will utilise the funds to build a new processing facility on its existing site located in Nurmo, Finland.

The investment will also be used to install new slaughtering, cutting and packaging lines at the facility.

Atria expects that the new processing facility will help it to meet the increasing consumer demand while strengthen the company’s position in Finland market.

The construction of the new plant, as well as increase in capacity, will allow the company to increase its poultry products export.

Atria expects the investment to enable development of product portfolio for future products

Atria said that the investment will allow to develop a portfolio of products for further processed products.

Atria CEO Juha Gröhn said: “The planning phase of the construction project and the application processes for the necessary official permits began about a year ago.

“The poultry production facilities in Nurmo need to be modernized, and we need to increase our capacity to be able to better meet future consumer demand.

“In order to strengthen our position as the number one poultry producer in Finland, we decided to make the largest single investment in our company’s history.

“The new production technology will be more environmentally friendly. We will be able to reduce food waste caused by the production process.”

The company has planned to commence the construction of the new processing plant as soon as possible, which is expected to be completed by 2024 at the earliest.