NRGene’s AI technology will help improve results in BASF soybean breeding projects


Image: BASF and NRGene have collaborated to accelerate agricultural research. Photo: courtesy of BASF SE.

Genomics company NRGene has entered into a research collaboration with BASF to speed up the crop breeding.

Under the deal, the partnership will use NRGene’s cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology in BASF soybean research projects.

The GenoMAGIC technology will facilitate comprehensive evaluations to improve trait discovery and breeding across diverse crops.

BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division seeds and traits senior vice president Rick Turner said: “This collaboration will explore the power of digitalisation to improve and accelerate agricultural research, and aligns with our soybean crop system strategy.

“BASF and NRGene are both focused on developing and delivering technologies to support farmers to grow better harvests, protect their crops and deliver more to society in the face of mounting environmental challenges.”

NRGene’s multi-purpose breeding platform will help manage the full genomic diversity of species           

NRGene’s multi-purpose breeding platform is a cloud-based solution designed to manage the full genomic diversity of species.

The platform holds the capacity to analyse unlimited volumes of genomic data to help scientists and breeders easily relate genomic sequences with beneficial traits, as well as turn genomic selection and trait mapping more productive.’

NRGene CEO Dr Gil Ronen said: “We are excited to commence this journey with BASF in soybean.

“Over the years, we have accumulated a vast amount of data as well as specific competences in soy, which will add value in the collaboration with BASF to make their breeding more productive and efficient.”

NRGene provides seed and food companies with the computational tools to optimise their crop yield. Its tools have already been used by some of the major agribiotech companies across the world and influential research teams in academia.

BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division invests in R&D pipeline and broad portfolio, including seeds and traits, chemical and biological crop protection, soil management, plant health, pest control and digital farming.

In August this year, BASF has entered into a research collaboration with Ontera on molecular diagnostic platform to assist farmers with in-field disease monitoring.