The three agreements will see Bayer Animal Health rolling out its aquaculture technology to enhance shrimp production


Bayer Animal Health solutions offers aquaculture technologies to help shrimp farmers enhance yield. (Credit: Bayer AG.)

Bayer Animal Health, a unit of German pharmaceutical firm Bayer, has signed supply and distribution agreements for its solutions of shrimp and other warm-water aquaculture species.

Bayer Animal Health had signed the agreements with water treatment technology suppliers, Cytozyme Laboratories and Chengdu Kehongda Technology along with XpertSea Solutions, a farm management technology provider.

Through the supply and distribution agreements, the company will offer better access to pond water environment management technologies to farmers key shrimp producing countries, to improve their operational efficiency and sustainability.

Bayer’s solutions to enable producers to manage the complex pond ecosystem

Bayer Animal Health believes that its water treatment solutions are expected to play an important role in aquaculture, enabling producers to manage the complex pond ecosystem and provide an optimal environment for shrimp to thrive.

As per its agreement with Cytozyme, Bayer Animal Health will commercialise Proquatic PondRestore, a product can improve the metabolisation activities in pond-soil and pond-water environment across several key aquaculture countries.

Under the agreement with KEHONDA, the company will roll-out its Fetant Complex Iodine Solution technology. The product is present in Bayer Animal Health’s portfolio in China and Vietnam.

The partnership with KEHONDA follows the inclusion of Dyvon PondAcid to Bayer Animal Health’s water treatment solution program in China. As a pond-water conditioner, the product is claimed to support the quality of phytoplankton and helps in maintaining the levels of dissolved oxygen in the pond water.

The agreement with XpertSea will result in Bayer Animal Health advancing digital farming in shrimp aquaculture. The company will offer smart devices and artificial intelligence-powered software for a comprehensive approach to data-driven farm management.

The integrated services will be offered in China, Ecuador, India and Vietnam. The devices will use optics for measuring vital pond statistics over time and to identify changes in the health of the population.

The insights obtained from the statistics will be aggregated into XpertSea’s online Growth Platform, supporting producers in making data-driven management and treatment decisions.

Bayer Animal Health global aquaculture manager Jan Koesling said: “We are proud to be able to play a leading role in offering shrimp producers an application program of non-pharmaceutical pond-water treatment products that make up a comprehensive solution.

“Together with our partners, we are committed to continue bringing technology to shrimp producers and supporting the sustainable development of the industry.”