The partnership is an integral part of CNH Industrial’s digital transformation plan and will help the company to increase revenue


CNH Industrial, Accenture and Microsoft will further enhance collaboration for new digital services for predictive maintenance, enhanced fleet management and computer-aided farming. (Credit: GlobeNewswire.)

CNH Industrial has collaborated with Accenture and Microsoft to develop connected industrial vehicles.

The five-year collaboration will help to improve its digital capabilities and develop “smart” connected products and services for the company’s operations.

The programme, which is an integral part of CNH Industrial’s digital transformation plan, is designed to help the company increase revenue, build a digitally enabled workforce, and enhance sustainability.

The partnership is focused on setting up a global network of digital hubs, in Brazil, Europe, India and the US.

At these hubs, the three companies will design, launch and manage digital services which will make the products of CNH Industrial’s brands even smarter, more functional, secure and sustainable.

The new vehicles will provide new services and functionalities for the customers in many areas such as computer-aided farming, predictive maintenance, enhanced fleet management and green transportation.

CNH Industrial chief strategy, talent, ICT and digital officer​ Andreas Weishaar said: “The creation of digital hubs is a key pillar of our strategy that will move CNH Industrial from being a manufacturer of physical products to being able to deliver new digitally born and connected products and services.

“Over the next five years, we’ll team with Accenture and Microsoft in an integrated and agile manner to build and operate these digital factories and to deliver positive impacts for customers and dealers, communities and the environment.”

The company will also develop a broad set of data-driven digital services to help clients drive sustainability including yield improvement in agriculture and more-efficient vehicles and improved fleet management in the transportation industry.

As part of the partnership, Accenture will design, manage and coordinate the activities in the digital hubs.

In October this year, CNH Industrial concluded the acquisition of a minority stake in Switzerland-based Zasso Group for an undisclosed amount.

Zasso is engaged in providing non-chemical weed and invasive plant management solutions using electrical power.