Zasso offers non-chemical weed and invasive plant management solutions using electrical power


CNH Industrial has acquired minority stake in Zasso Group. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay)

CNH Industrial has completed the acquisition of a minority stake in Switzerland-based Zasso Group for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Zug, Zasso has expertise in offering non-chemical weed and invasive plant management solutions using electrical power.

The acquisition of Zasso will allow CNH Industrial to further strengthen its product portfolio of AGXTEND, the firm’s accelerator for tech startups. It will also help to offer latest technologies to farmers across the world.

In addition, the investment is expected to further enhance synergies to facilitate the launch of disruptive new products.

CNH Industrial stated: “This acquisition is further testament to AGXTEND’s core philosophy of facilitating and expediting broad and open access to new technologies which help farmers improve their overall productivity, efficiency and sustainability.”

Zasso joined the AGXTEND platform in January 2019

Zasso Group was established in 2016 and joined the AGXTEND platform in January 2019, offering exclusive distribution to its XPower electronic herbicide technology.

The patented Electroherb solutions offered by Zasso offers targeted and chemical-free weed control using an electrical current. Zasso’s technology can be used in urban weed management situations.

According to CNH Industrial, Electroherb is as effective as standard chemical herbicides and provides social and environmental benefits.

In July this year, CNH Industrial agreed to acquire agriculture, construction and spare parts commercial distribution networks from Capital Equipment Group (CEG) in Southern Africa.

The planned purchase of CEG’s four divisions includes Northmec, CSE, NHSA and Landboupart. CEG is a business unit of Humulani Marketing, an Invicta Holdings company.