Designed and built by taking feedback from the market, Damen’s new UV 2613 has several features and brings extreme versatility to the fish-farming industry


Damen’s new UV 2613 vessel. (Credit: Damen Shipyards Group.)

Dutch shipbuilding company Damen Shipyards Group has unveiled Damen Utility Vessel (UV) 2613, a new vessel for the aquaculture industry.

Damen Utility Vessel (UV) 2613 is claimed to deliver extreme versatility to the fish-farming industry, as it draws from the company’s portfolio of Multi Cat and Shoalbuster.

The new workboat can cover everything ranging from harvesting to net cleaning and diving support to de-licing.

Damen said that it developed the UV 2613 based on feedback from the market. It is a forward-facing vessel with sustainable characteristics, as it is prepared for IMO Tier III. It has been designed to be retrofitted with Damen’s NOX Reduction System, a selective catalytic conversion technology.

By installing the NOX Reduction System, the vessel can be made Tier III compliant. It can also be fitted with battery packs for silent shift operations.

Damen’s UV 2613 can be retrofitted with several systems including battery packs

The UV 2613 has also been designed to a user-friendly vessel with several plug and play options so that it can switch from one duty to another.

It can be installed with DP1, a multiple mooring system and a towing winch and if needed, it can even be fitted with a ramp in order to perform ferry duties.

The vessel has a deck space of 110m², along with an extensive cargo hold of 85m² as well as dry cargo transportation and storage of diving equipment.

Multiple cranes with a capacity of up to 220t/m can also be fitted on the vessel. The vessel, with its azimuth thrusters and a bow thruster, offers optimal manoeuvrability.

Damen sales manager Mike Besijn said: “We are very confident in the relevance of the UV 2613 for the growing aquaculture industry.

“Based on feedback we received from the market we have designed a versatile vessel, able to tackle a very wide range of duties, with a robust application of features ensuring the safety and sustainability of operations.

“We have already carried out the feasibility studies and completed the detailed engineering of the design – we’re ready to build this.”

The company also claims to have safety features have been installed on UV2613. The vessel features a high bow height and freeboard of 1m minimum to avoid deck immersion and safe sailing, even in heavy seas.

Furthermore, a beam of 12.8m makes the vessel stable, with no need for the anti-heeling system. The UV 2613 is 26m in length, with its load line length is 24m and it is below 200 GT (MCA).