The new joint venture aims to leverage the Chinese government’s promotion of treatment and restoration of polluted land and water resources, starting with Yangtze River Delta

Kiwa Biotech

Kiwa Bio-Tech forms a new joint venture in China. (Credit: Pixabay/Aviavlad.)

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group announced the formation of a joint venture Yangling Kangxi Agricultural Technology Development with Kiwa Bio-Tech (Yangling) and Shaanxi Xibaokun Agricultural Technology (Xibaokun).

The joint venture has been formed to address ring-fenced soil remediation projects. Xibaokun and Yangling hold 60% and 40% of the equity in the new joint venture, respectively. Shaanxi Xibaokun Agricultural Technology is a partner of Kiwa Bio-Tech.

Currently, China is promoting the treatment and restoration of polluted land and water resources and the government plans to invest significantly to implement remediation projects.

Through several experiments related to remediation and restoration of polluted agricultural lands, conducted by Kiwa Bio-Tech, the government is claimed to have recognised its core microbial technology as one of the enables for remediation of soil and water resources.

The JV will leverage Kiwa Bio-Tech and Kangxi’s technology and cooperate with government agencies

The joint venture will leverage both Kiwa Bio-Tech’s microbial technology and Kangxi’s technical cooperation with Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University of science and technology, Northwest University, Fudan University and Qingdao VLand Bio-Tech and Xibaokun, to implement soil and water resources remediation and treatment projects, in cooperation with government agencies in Shaanxi province and Zhejiang.

Kiwa Bio-Tech CEO Wade Li said: “The joint venture will focus on environment protection and will extend our business plan from the original agricultural fertilizer market to enter the soil restoration business field.

“We believe that our government recognized microbial technology couples with our strong partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutions have positioned us well to address ring-fenced soil remediation projects.”

In February this year, Kiwa Bio-Tech signed an agreement with Fudan Science and Technology Park Innovation (Zhejiang) and Xibaokun Agricultural Technology to develop markets for soil and water remediation centring on the Yangtze River Delta.

During the cooperation process, the two organisations will coordinate technical resources to complete project marketing of Coupling Microbial Activation Remediation Technology with Kiwa Bio-Tech for soil and water resources remediation projects.

The company also announced that as part of the tripartite cooperation agreement, Kiwa Biological Research Institute will lead Xibaokun, Harbin Institute of Technology and other partners to establish a research platform to focus on soil and water remediation beginning with Yangtze river delta region market with School of Life Sciences, Fudan University and School of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University.