The new retail route-to-market changes are part of Corteva’s multi-channel and multi-brand strategy for the US


Corteva has announced new go-to-market structure for seeds in US. (Credit: Corteva)

Pure-play agriculture company Corteva has unveiled new retail route-to-market changes for the sales season of 2021.

Corteva’s new go-to-market structure for seeds is part of the company’s multi-channel and multi-brand strategy for the US retail market.

The new strategy will allow Corteva to serve customers based on their buying preferences

The new strategy will help the company to serve customers based on their buying preferences via a segmented route-to-market approach. It will also allow Corteva to focus on customers purchasing seeds through retail locations from the 2021 sales season.

Corteva is launching Brevant seeds in the US for sale exclusively via retail, with a primary focus on the Midwest and Eastern Corn Belt.

Brevant seeds were already launched in 2018 in nine countries outside the US, after the completion of the merger between Dow and DuPont.

The brand is said to expand retail’s access to Corteva’s genetics, technology, and traits, in addition to establishing growth with Corteva Agriscience Crop Protection.

Brevant will replace Mycogen seeds as Corteva’s primary US-retail-focused brand in the US. The company will provide the Brevant seeds for planting from 2021.

Corteva is also planning to provide corn and soybeans under the Pioneer brand to meet customer buying preferences in the Southern, Southwestern, and Western US markets.

The company will also increase the retailers for the Pioneer brand in select geographies, as well as plans to withdraw Terral seeds and the REV brand.

The existing retailers and distribution partners will continue to market the PhytoGen cottonseed brand.

Corteva will also continue to provide four regional corn and soybean seed brands in the US, including Dairyland Seed, Hoegemeyer, NuTech, and Seed Consultants.

In addition, the company will continue to market the AgVenture brand through an independent network of regional seed companies. It will also focus to maintain the Alforex brand and expand the trait and genetics licensing business.

Corteva Agriscience commercial business US president Judd O’Connor said: “Corteva Agriscience is committed to delivering innovative, industry-leading products to our customers through their preferred channels.

“U.S. growers who prefer the retail experience will now have greater access to our seed products, creating new opportunities for their farms, and for our company to grow.”

In April, Corteva entered into a commercial agreement with ag-tech company PowerPollen to expand the use of pollination-on-demand technology for commercial corn seed production in the US.