The new mobile tool will help farmers to access advanced pest, disease and deficiency identification technology for their crops


Pioneer has introduced mobile tool for pest, disease and deficiency detection in crops. (Credit: Kira Hoffmann from Pixabay)

Corteva Agriscience seed brand Pioneer has introduced a new mobile tool, dubbed Threat, for the identification of pests, diseases and deficiencies in crops.

The new tool, which is an update to the Pioneer Seeds App, will offer farmers with access to advanced pest, disease and deficiency identification technology for their crops.

Pioneer’s Threat ID allows farmers to detect issues by capturing one crop photo

Powered by Plantix, the Threat ID enables farmers to identify issues affecting their fields by capturing one crop photo.

The tool will help recognise the particular patterns left behind by pests, as well as facilitate to immediately detect the most likely pest or disease threats and nutrient deficiencies.

Pioneer’s new tool is said to advance the efficiency of scouting and enables farmers to schedule follow-up consultations with their local Pioneer agronomist.

Threat ID applies modeling technology that has the capacity to cover up to 30 crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat and sorghum.

Pioneer’s new tool offers precise results across the complete growing season with a growing catalog of 20 million photos spanning the entire life cycle of crops.

Farmers can generate immediate results by capturing a photo using Threat ID while in the field or by uploading it later when an internet connection is available.

Upon identifying the threat, the farmers can access the extensive agronomic expertise of international crop scientists and local Pioneer agronomists for treatment recommendations.

Threat ID is part of the Pioneer Seeds App suite of digital agronomy tools, including Yield Estimator that captures yield estimates using a smartphone or tablet camera and the Digital Tag offers a complete information about a seed bag’s batch.

Pioneer’s Rate Estimator tool will be used for the determination of optimum seeding rate for maximised performance, while the Vegetation Index tool to check on the relative health of fields.

Pioneer Digital Ag lead Jeremy Groeteke said: “Threat ID, as part of the Pioneer Seeds App, empowers growers to make more rapid and informed decisions regarding issues they see while walking their fields.

“With the ability to effectively identify crop issues, growers can more easily leverage the Pioneer agronomy team to its full capacity to get treatment recommendations that help maximize seed investment and protect yield potential.”

In May, Corteva entered into multi-year global agreements with French company M2i Life Sciences on pheromone-based insect control solutions.