During a time of the global pandemic, Los Angeles-based start-up CropSwap has introduced a sustainable way to connect consumers and local farmers


Image: Californian start-up launches new app to let consumers buy local produce. (Credit: Pixabay/congerdesign.)

California-based startup CropSwap has launched a new farm-to-phone app to connect consumers with the local farmers and growers within their communities.

The new app from CropSwap will help consumers to buy fresh produce online, particularly at a time when grocery stores are empty and farmers markets have been suspended due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Developed to cut down on food wastage and to deliver smarter and more sustainable alternative to the conventional food industry, CropSwap supports local economies.

The app functions more like Instacart for local produce and is touted to show seasonal produce in real-time and has a simpler sales process that allows buyers to communicate directly with nearby farmers and growers.

CropSwap not only offers a platform to buy and sell fresh produce, but it also provides farmers and growers with several tools to help develop their businesses and helps them host educational courses and events.

CropSwap CEO and co-founder Roberto Reiner said: “The impact of this pandemic on our shopping habits has been significant. It has become more evident than ever of our urgent need for a smarter, more sustainable shared food economy.

“CropSwap empowers shoppers to search fresh, local produce in their area and arrange a purchase and safe exchange of products. During these difficult times and beyond, we hope to be a path toward a more accessible, conscious and sustainable food system.”

CropSwap aims to add several new features to its app-based model

Furthermore, CropSwap plans to launch several new beneficial features such as additional scalable business tools for its farm and growers partners, direct delivery, the ability to connect sellers with restaurants and customisable, subscription-based CropBoxes that supply with shopper’s choice of local produce, seeds and plants.

Reiner continued saying: “Right now, many grocery shelves are sparse and fresh produce is limited. With CropSwap, you can begin browsing fresh produce available in your area, all from the convenience of your phone.

“However, it isn’t only shoppers who are benefitting. Several local farms that once relied exclusively on selling to restaurants are now turning to CropSwap to make up for business lost due to the government-mandated closures.”