The deal will result in a solution offering comprehensive, real-time food traceability and tracking of food safety practices for growers, businesses and consumers


iFoodDS acquires business from Tremble. (Credit: Pixabay/Jill Wellington.)

iFoodDecisionSciences has acquired the food traceability and inspection solutions business, HarvestMarkfrom Trimble, for an undisclosed amount.

iFoodDecisionSciences offers food safety and process control software solutions. In 2018, it has worked with Tremble’s HarvestMark business to deliver an integrated supply chain solution for food safety, traceability and quality management.

The collaboration was demonstrated in the Western Growers Food Safety Risk Management Program, which was announced last year.

The acquisition of HarvestMark is claimed to lay foundation for iFoodDecisionSciences to maximise the effectiveness of a combined solution for the present and future customers.

The combination of iFoodDecisionSciences’ real-time food safety data with HarvestMark’s traceability and quality inspection information is expected to add significant benefits to fresh produce growers, shippers, packers, distributors, foodservice companies and grocery retailers across the world.

iFoodDecisionSciences CEO Diane Wetherington said: “iFoodDS and HarvestMark have a demonstrated track record of simplifying the burdensome task of collecting and documenting process control data, which is required today in the food industry.

“Our years of collaborating have taken our work to the next level by providing real-time visibility throughout the supply chain.

“The decision to acquire HarvestMark is driven by our mission to further enable customers to minimise their supply chain risks and allow them focus on the business of growing and selling food.”

Claimed to be unique in the industry, the combined solution offers traceability, both at the lot and item level, with continuous real-time tracking of food safety practices. It will also enable to streamline management of day-to-day food safety and quality control risks, regardless of where they occur in the supply chain.

The combined solution can increase transparency and improve food safety practices

Through a meaningful analysis of food, ‘from farm to the fork’ across the entire supply chain, the solution is claimed to be offering greater transparency, improved quality and better safety for food companies, retailers and consumers.

Trimble Resources and Utilities Segment senior vice president Darryl Matthews said: “The collaboration between iFoodDS and HarvestMark during the past year developed into a tightly integrated solution for customers.

“As Trimble evaluated the long-term success of HarvestMark, the optimal solution was to sell the business to iFoodDS, allowing Trimble to focus on its core strategy to increase farm operational efficiencies in the field.

“We look forward to continuing to collaborate with iFoodDS, enabling Trimble’s farming customers to leverage an integrated food safety, traceability and quality control solution as part of their overall operations.”