Dot Technology’s new subsidiary, Dot Intelligence, will focus on computer vision and machine learning to bring efficiency to autonomous farming


Image: Dot Technology establishes new subsidiary. Photo: Courtesy of Henry Gartley/Pixabay

Dot Technology, a company that develops autonomous robotics for agriculture, has established a subsidiary, Dot Intelligence, in Alberta, Canada, to develop computer vision, machine learning and intelligent navigation technologies for autonomous farming.

Dot Intelligence will be based out of the Alberta Machinery Intelligence Institute in Edmonton and will focus on developing leading technologies for enhanced adoption of Dot robotic system for use in autonomous farming.

Dot Intelligence aims to develop 100% autonomously operated fields

Dot Intelligence will be led by Artificial Intelligence systems manager Mojtaba Hedayatpour. Dot Technology said that the objective of building a team focused on adding artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities can eventually allow the farmers achieve 100% autonomously operated fields.

The technology can also offer a variety of transport options between fields such as the Follow-Me feature or platooning movement.

Dot Technology CEO Robert Saik said: “Mojtaba, with his background in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and robotics, will lead a team that will develop technologies to augment the work of the Dot engineering team in Saskatchewan.

“This is a clear signal that we are committed to providing broadacre farmers with the safest, most cost effective, and most efficient autonomous robotic system available in the world. It also shows our commitment to driving Canadian agricultural innovation across the globe.”

Mojtaba said: “The Edmonton environment is awesome and being located at AMII means that we are surrounded by some of the top artificial intelligence and machine learning talent in North America.

“Having an Alberta presence means we can rapidly expand our team by hiring talent to add technology, such as object recognition, that will enable Dot to see and add to the intelligence that will help Dot think in the field. This will make the Dot autonomous platform very efficient for farmers.”

By the end of 2021, Dot Intelligence aims to add 20 new employees to the team members that have moved from Regina to Edmonton.

Last month, Dot Technology showcased new SeedMaster row crop planter at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, which could increase efficiencies for corn and soybean farmers.

The prototype SeedMaster, designed by SeedMaster Manufacturing, features a 12-row unit with 30-inch spacing and offers two tank configurations – one 50-bushel seed tank with two 425-gallon liquid tanks and two 50-bushel seed tanks with one 425-gallon liquid tank.