Dragonfly Commander Ag-Pro Package is powered by MicaSense RedEdge-MX, a multispectral sensor, making it best suited for researchers, growers and enterprise customers


Draganflyer Commander Ag-Pro Package. (Credit: Draganfly Inc.)

Draganfly, a developer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), has partnered with MicaSense to launch Draganflyer Commander Ag-Pro Package, a remotely operated drone system for the agricultural industry.

Draganfly Commander Ag-Pro Package includes all the necessary tools to perform crop health assessment, irrigation monitoring and yield optimisation.

The combination of MicaSense RedEdge-MX multispectral sensor and the Draganflyer Commander UAV has resulted in Ag-Pro Package, which is claimed to be an ideal device for projects requiring long flight times, high level of data resolution and accuracy and greater data security.

MicaSense business development manager Drew Baustian said: “The drone’s specs and camera’s data quality paired with a price point under $15,000 makes this a high-performing solution at an excellent price point.”

Dragonfly stated that each component of the Commander Ag-Pro Package including the drone, sensor, and flight controller are North American-manufactured and supported and users can be confident in the integrity of their data.

The system’s high-speed and the controller were designed and developed with data sensitivity and safe data transmission as a top priority. The lightweight and highly durable air-frame make the unit rugged and highly portable.

Such features make the Commander Ag-Pro Package best suited for federal, state/provincial, and local government procurement along with enterprise clients who seek to mitigate operational costs and end-users who have prioritised data integrity.

Commander Ag-Pro Package can be automated for repeated future operations

The automated flight planning tools allow for quick and easy to create coverage area and flight plan, driven by user’s imagery requirements, for automatic flight and data collection.

The system can save flight areas for repeated future operations to ensure consistent data collection throughout the growing season.

Furthermore, the storage capacity upgrade for the RedEdge-MX allows users to fly with larger SD Cards, enabling longer or lower flights with higher data storage capacity.

MicaSense RedEdge-MX offers five narrowband imagers capturing high-quality imagery for producing maps for a multitude of agricultural uses.

RedEdge-MX can also produce accurate data that can be compared across time, allowing for time-based analysis throughout the season and from year to year.

At the beginning of the growing season, imagery can be used to help monitor growth uniformity with indices.

Once the crop canopy matures, users can use the red edge band to monitor chlorophyll and identify areas of stress much before the crop shows visible signs of stress. Many other advanced indices and analytics are available with RedEdge-MX.