The farmers in Europe will be given greater flexibility in using the land that would normally not be used for production


Image: European farmers to receive support from the European Commission. Photo: courtesy of Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay.

The European Commission has announced new measures to support farmers facing drought conditions in Europe.

Firstly, the farmers will receive a higher percentage of their advances on direct payments and payments for rural development.

As per the new measure, farmers will receive up to 70% of their direct payments and 85% of rural development payments as of mid-October to help improve their cash flow situation.

Two new measures support European farmers  facing drought conditions

The second measure allows farmers will be given greater flexibility in using the land that would normally not be used for production, in a bid to feed their animals.

Moreover, the commission has granted exemption from certain ‘greening’ requirements for farmers and will be applicable to crop diversification and ecological focus area rules on land lying unused.

The commission said in a statement: “Consideration is also being given to the adoption of other types of derogation from ‘«greening»’, so as to grant farmers greater flexibility to produce fodder.”

EU Agriculture and Rural Development commissioner Phil Hogan said: “These prolonged climate conditions are worrying for our farmers. The Commission remains in close contact with the Member States and is evaluating the situation on the ground. As always, we stand ready to assist farmers affected by drought.

“That is why we have decided to implement higher advance payments and derogations from certain greening rules to make it easier to produce animal feed.”

In June 2019, EU Member States has agreed to the European Commission’s proposal to fund €50m (£45.7m) to Irish beef farmers impacted by market uncertainty.

The move comes as Irish authorities estimated that beef farmers have lost more than €100m (£91.5m) as a result of the drop in prices, with a fall in margins estimated at 11 to 19% in the past year for the beef and veal sector.

The exceptional measure is provided under the Common Market Organisation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).