The nCino has partnered with Farm Credit Financial Partners to advance the digital transformation of agricultural lending


Image: Farm Credit West is a financial cooperative that serves agricultural borrowers. Photo: courtesy of Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay.

Agricultural lender Farm Credit West has deployed nCino’s Agriculture Lending solution, as part of its digital transformation efforts.

The nCino’s seamless bank operating system will serve as Farm Credit West’s single source of authenticity, helping to create transparency across departments and provide a holistic view of the borrower, as well as reduce processing times.

Farm Credit West, which has 15 locations and more than $10bn assets, is a financial cooperative established to exclusively serve agricultural borrowers.

Farm Credit West president and CEO Mark Littlefield said:  “Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible to our customer-owners, the farmers and ranchers of rural California, Arizona and Nevada.

“By introducing nCino’s Agriculture Lending solution into our workflow, we have streamlined our lending process – improving turnaround times and increasing collaboration between staff members. Our customers are now benefitting from this innovation.”

The nCino’s seamless bank operating system as a single source of truth for Farm Credit West

The Farm Credit Financial Partners (FPI) has introduced the agricultural credit association (ACA) to nCino’s platform. The FPI is a technology service provider cooperative for major ACAs in the US.

FPI intends to make nCino as a crucial component to AgWorx by FPI, which is an integrated systems solution for agricultural financial services.

The nCino has worked with FPI to make the bank operating system as per the requirements of Farm Credit West.

Farm Credit West and FPI team members joined nCino Community to access technical documentation and Knowledge articles to prepare for their transformational change before going live on the nCino bank operating system.

Farm Credit West and FPI proactively detected ways to configure nCino’s system to meet the needs of their diverse farmer-customers by leveraging the information available through the community.

nCino chief revenue officer Josh Glover said: “Farm Credit West has established itself as an industry leader by meeting the ever-growing need for digitisation head on.

“FPI and Farm Credit West are at the forefront of the digital revolution transforming the agricultural lending space, and we at nCino are thrilled to be assisting them.”