The new partnership will support agents and growers with integrated farm risk management platform FarmCommand

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Image: Ohio Valley Insurance selects Farmers Edge. (Credit: Business Wire.)

Farmers Edge, a provider of digital agriculture solutions, has partnered with Ohio Valley Insurance to transform the way it offers insurance services to farmers.

Through the partnership, Ohio Valley Insurance is expected to deliver insurance services supported by a data-driven model.

Established in 2003, Ohio Valley Insurance is based in Kentucky and operates across neighbouring states such as Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Missouri, offering crop insurance to farmers cultivating diverse crops such as barley, corn, soybean, sorghum, tobacco and wheat.

Farmers Edge will equip the insurance agency with FarmCommand, an integrated farm risk management platform, for automated acreage reporting, streamlining and accelerating claims processing and to match growers risk with the right risk mitigation plan.

FarmCommand has a suite of digital tools for enhanced data management for growers, offering them the option to seamlessly share information to automate insurance processes.

The platform can also combine field-level data, remote sensing, and AI-driven models, offering a unique set of imagery-derived maps, precise predictive crop models and automatic crop health change detection for optimised crop production and monitoring of fields from anywhere.

Ohio Valley Insurance owner and crop agent Allan Murray said: “Through this partnership with Farmers Edge, we are digitising our core services to create a stronger, more meaningful connection with our crop insurance customers that shows we truly care about the success of their farms.

“Additionally, automating insurance paperwork unleashes tremendous efficiency, and by gaining unprecedented intelligence about our growers’ farming operations, we can make data-driven risk management decisions that best protect our clients as well as our portfolios. Everyone wins in this new digital model.”

Farmers Edge CEO and co-founder Wade Barnes said: “With roughly two million farms in the United States, insurance companies are rapidly adopting digital tools to create a unique customer experience that is faster, more efficient, and fundamentally smarter.

“Because crop insurance rates are set by the federal government in the United States, offering distinctive, disruptive services is the key to long-term success for insurance companies. Through this new alliance, Ohio Valley Insurance is futureproofing its business with a flexible, scalable model geared toward providing value-added services and outcomes.”

In January this year, American Crop Insurance partnered with Farmers Edge to offer data-driven insurance services and personalised cover for farmers.