The new service from Farmobile offers analytics and insights related to the costs and efficiency of ag retailers’ fleet operations


Farmobile launches new service for ag retailers’ fleet. (Credit: Unsplash/Nigel Tadyanehondo.)

Farmobile, a US-based agri data company, has launched a new service, known as Services+ for Ag Retail Fleet, built from the direct feedback from ag retailers.

The new service from Farmobile combines real-time, machine data capture technology. Its personalised, consultative services can support retailers in using their own machine data to pinpoint fleet cost centres and opportunities to bring greater efficiency and profitability.

The new ag retail programme is the first in a series of future custom offerings to be sold under the Farmobile Services+. It is claimed to transform complex machine data sets into simple, yet powerful insights for fleets.

It goes beyond the firm’s standard data services such as data collection, organisation and certification and has been customised to help retailers in identifying the areas for fleet optimisation and profitability.

The service enables agri-retailers to fully outfit a mixed-fleet of application equipment and tender trucks with real-time visibility and monitoring capabilities, along with advanced reporting and customised analysis, to make fleet management more efficient.

Farmobile CEO Jason Tatge said: “Ag retail is an area that stands to benefit greatly from accurate, real-time fleet data. Each ag retailer is investing millions, if not tens of millions of dollars in their commercial application fleet.

“The information available to them right now does not paint a clear picture about which individual machines are actually costing or contributing to the fleet’s overall performance and bottomline.

“If your $500,000 application rig is only making you money 22 percent of the time due to in-field operational inefficiencies, you’re possibly looking at significant losses. That’s why we created this service offering, and customised it for ag retail fleet management.”

Farmobile service allows ag retail fleet customers to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports

With the new service, ag retail fleet customers can receive daily, weekly and monthly machine metric reports from Farmobile dashboard.

The monthly reports can be customised to show which machines across the fleet are making and losing money.

It can also provide deep analysis on the contribution of variables such as fuel, labour, transportation and idling and working time, to the overall bottom line.

Also, the company’s services team hosts quarterly consultative meetings with ag retailers’ management and operations teams to review trends and offer direct feedback.

Farmobile services vice president Steve Cubbage said: “With Farmobile Services+ for Ag Retail Fleet, managers of both operations had the tools to identify machine performance and return on investment from a data-first perspective using comprehensive reports broken down to the pertinent details.

“When you know exactly what makes up a fleet’s operational costs, you can make bold decisions much more strategically.”