The success of ZiCAN Soil has encouraged FBSciences and Yara to expand their partnership and develop CN compatible products in the future


FBSciences extends partnership with Yara.(Credit: Pixabay/Fernando Espí)

FBSciences, a plant health technology developer, has expanded its partnership with Yara North America to include its line of calcium nitrate (CN) compatible products.

The CN compatible products have been specifically formulated to be compatible with YaraLiva calcium nitrate fertilisers.

Under their collaboration, the first product launched is ZiCAN Soil, which is claimed to be one of the most successful products launched by FBSciences.

The success of the collaboration has encouraged the two companies to further expand their CN compatible product line to initially include Manron Soil CN Compatible and BoronBoost Soil CN Compatible products.

Till now, FBSciences, which specialises in bio-stimulant and bio-pesticide technologies, participated in more than 1,500 trials over a decade.

According to FBSciences, the results revealed four key things, including healthier plants and yields, increased quality and nutrient density, stress mitigation and recovery and increased use of other crop inputs.

The success of ZiCAN Soil has also shown the demand for additional CN-compatible fertiliser options. The product line of fertilisers is said to mix well with YaraLiva CAN-17 and CN-9.

The combination of products from FBSciences and Yara resulted positively for growers

The two companies have spent last year and this year field-testing FBSciences’ technologies and products combined with Yara’s fertilisers and the results are claimed to be overwhelmingly positive for growers, said FBSciences.

FBSciences chair and CEO Courtenay Wolfe said: “We are excited about the broad synergies between FBSciences and Yara. Our common vision of achieving sustainability in agriculture by increasing productivity and profitability for growers is what makes our collaboration so successful.

“The incredible success of ZiCAN Soil highlights the strong demand for effective products that are compatible and synergistic with Yara’s leading fertilisers.”

FBSciences stated that the products in the CN compatible line promote uptake and translocation of nutrients in the formulations. They also improve nutrient efficiency of other nutrients such as calcium and nitrogen present in Yara’s products.

The formulations also allow nitrogen and calcium to mix with zinc, manganese and boron. Independent testing of the combination of ZiCAN Soil and YaraLiva CAN-17 on almonds showed a 10.6% yield increase compared to using YaraLiva CAN-17 alone.

Yara premium products vice president Debbie Watts said: “Yara is extremely enthusiastic about our relationship with FBSciences. The synergies and results we see between their technologies and our products continue to grow.

“We remain confident these products are the next generation of crop nutrition and will deliver consistent and meaningful productivity and profitability advances for growers.”