The new Fendt Momentum planter is claimed to be an agronomically advanced planter, designed to place seeds at optimum depth and spacing


Image: Fendt’s Momentum planter on a field. (Credit: AGCO Corporation.)

US-based agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO has introduced the new Fendt Momentum planter in North America for row crop producers.

The new Fendt Momentum planter is claimed to have been designed with versatility, establishing a new benchmark for accurate seed placement and offers technologies to overcome challenging planting conditions.

Claimed to be an agronomically advanced planter, it has been designed for consistently placing every seed at the optimum depth and spacing while minimising compaction and eliminating pinch rows.

AGCO seeding & tillage engineering manager Rex Schertz said: “Providing producers greater control at planting is why AGCO has developed the Fendt Momentum planter delivered with AGCO-exclusive SmartFrame technology.

“The Momentum planter is the most agronomically advanced planter available worldwide and the latest solution from AGCO to help producers overcome production challenges and optimise their productivity.”

Momemtum planter can plant a wide variety of crops around the world

Similar to the Fendt IDEAL combine, the planter offers a global platform, created from a clean sheet and can plant a wide range of crops in varying conditions around the world.

The Momentum planter can also be easily customised with Precision Planting technologies making it a sophisticated machine while being simple to operate.

The new planter is made up of three independent sections that operate automatically to ensure the row units on each section will maintain ideal seeding depth.

The planter’s sensor-controlled hydraulic system can monitor the angle of the row-unit parallel arms to automatically adjust the toolbar height and keep the arms level and row units engaged with the soil, with changing ground and terrain conditions.

While high-capacity, central-fill seed and fertiliser on several planters have a time-saving advantage, the added weight poses challenges and present several issues such as pinch rows and soil compaction.

Instead of having side-by-side duals, Fendt Momentum planter has wide in-line tandem wheels travelling in front of the row units, eliminating pinch rows. The wheels are also positioned in the same path as the tractor tires, limiting compaction. The wheels also provide flotation advantage of tracks.

Customers can order the Fendt Momentum planter early summer from select dealers in North America and the delivery is expected to begin next spring.

The planter will come in eight models for including, 16-, 24-, 32-, 36- and 48-row configurations with row spacings of 15, 20, 22 and 30 inches, all available with liquid fertilizer.

Narrow-transport planters can fold into a compact size of the 12×12-foot package to navigate on narrow roads and field entrances.