The SmartFarm is an advanced platform, which deploys smart technology to conduct simple and efficient farming


FieldMicro has collaborated with John Deere to provide real-time data to the SmartFarm platform. (Credit: PRNewswire / FieldMicro)

FieldMicro has introduced an advanced farming automation, control and monitoring system to better meet the requirements of farming operations.

The SmartFarm, which is powered by FieldBo, is an advanced platform that deploys smart technology to carry out simple and efficient farming. FieldBot is a portable remote-control device that is designed to connect to farm equipment/hardware.

FieldMicro has partnered with John Deere to offer real-time data to the SmartFarm platform

FieldMicro has collaborated with John Deere to deliver real-time data to the SmartFarm platform.

The collaboration will allow users to view the location and other live data from compatible John Deere machines in real-time on the SmartFarm platform. The available information comprises vehicle details such as fuel, oil and hydraulic levels.

FieldBots are installed with a built-in solar panel, HD camera and sensors to monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity, motion and sound.

Designed to control connected farm hardware, on-farm assets and infrastructure, the FieldBot can be used with more current equipment, including livestock monitoring and control, controlling farm gates, water troughs, winches, irrigation gates, and rain gauges.

FieldBot is provided with a 640x480p HD camera to capture still images and a microphone for listening. It offers provides atmospheric/environmental monitoring, GPS positioning, heat/flame detection and motion tracking.

FieldMicro’s cloud-based SmartFarm platform is the control centre for FieldBot and offers real-time monitoring, infrastructure automation, satellite imagery and better insights into farm operations.

The online platform enables farmers to view and hear what their FieldBots view and hear, as well as it helps the users to control their infrastructure at the click of a button from anywhere and any-time.

It allows users to control their irrigation systems, switch valves, open gates, monitor tank and moisture levels, view real-time footage, listen to real-time audio, and shut down pumps from their operations centre.

SmartFarm’s central satellite will display each FieldBots location, and the satellite imagery includes the option of short-wave infrared that show hidden sources of moisture, heat or other biological, geological and man-made material.

FieldMicro CEO Mitch Brownlie said: “We are proud to introduce FieldMicro, which allows crop and livestock farmers to upgrade their farm and utilize the latest smart technology to enhance their operations to save time and money.

“With an amazing array of features and technologies, not previously available to farmers, FieldMicro is poised to reinvent farm management and finally bring farming into the 21st Century.”

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