HyGrO is a patent-pending molecular hydrogen and oxygen delivery system for agriculture


Golden Triangle Ventures has purchased 51% stake in HyFrontier Technologies (Credit: Pixabay)

Multifaceted consulting company Golden Triangle Ventures has completed the acquisition of a 51% stake in HyFrontier Technologies.

HyFrontier Technologies has developed a patent-pending HyGrO molecular hydrogen and oxygen delivery system for agriculture.

Golden Triangle is supporting HyFrontier to commercialise HyGrO technology

Golden Triangle is extending its support to HyFrontier to commercialise the HyGrO technology for farm and home use across the world.

HyFrontier Technologies founder Robert DuBose said: “My team is excited to be a part of the Golden Triangle family and we are even more excited to launch this product the way we envisioned, with a strong partner that is well connected to the agricultural industry.”

HyFrontier is focusing on the improvement of global crop production efficiency by providing hydrogen directly into the water stream.

The company’s technology is suitable for use on any species of plant life, as well as almost any grow medium.

According to the company, the system can be retrofitted to wellheads for small or large-scale agricultural projects and can be used for a multitude of residential home and garden applications.

HyFrontier’s in-house testing yields demonstrated that the hydrogen can increase crop yields by up to 25%, as well as in multiple circumstances.

Larger root systems and better overall plant have been witnessed in those that received water through HyGrO unit.

At present, many universities are working to validate HyGrO technology. The management is focusing on the completion of moulding, packaging, manufacturing and marketing plans to commercialise HyGrO technology.

Golden Triangle Ventures CEO Steffan Dalsgaard said: We believe that our Hydrogen technology will have a major impact on many applications beyond agriculture.

“In addition to our plant studies currently being conducted, we aim to study the benefits of this technology on animal and human consumption later this year. Our team has been working diligently to commercialize this technology with the entire HyFrontier team.”