The new premium growing media brand will help professional grower to increase yields and improve plant quality


GROW!T Commercial Coco is Hydrofarm’s premium growing media brand. (Credit: Business Wire)

Hydrofarm Holdings Group has expanded its premium house brand portfolio with the introduction of new Grow!T Commercial Coco.

The new premium growing media brand has been developed to specially support the professional grower to increase yields and enhance plant quality.

The complete line of GROW!T Commercial Coco is evaluated  in the lab

Hydrofarm has tested the complete line of GROW!T Commercial Coco in the lab, thereby enabling the plants to grow in the purest coco.

For the eradication of debris, heavy metals and pollutants, the company has processed the high-quality coir indoors.

The company has applied repeated washes and buffering to attain extra-low ppm/EC levels, so that growers can supply nutrients and supplements on the same day they planted.

Suitable for indoor gardens and farms, the GROW!T RapidRIZE Blocks are offered in sizes for all stages such as vegetative, flowering and even mother plants.

The compressed grow blocks absorb water instantly and can be planted within a minute of irrigation, while other coco coir brands are hydrophobic until following a long soak.

Hydrofarm is also offering GROW!T in ready-to-use loose-fill bags to help mix with other growing media or used as a stand-alone substrate in containers and garden beds.

The company has also added the new Active Aqua White & Black Tubing to its house brands portfolio. It is a premium and kink-free fertigation tubing for professionals and dedicated hobbyists.

The Photobio advanced quantum PAR meter is offered in the lighting category. It allows to enhance the lighting environment by delivering precise and cost-effective measurement for all light sources used to grow plants.

Hydrofarm CEO Bill Toler said: “We are excited to expand our portfolio of house brands and products with the launch of these grower-focused solutions.

“We are always listening to the needs of our customers and are pleased to bring new innovations to market that deliver more efficient, cost-effective and higher quality growing.”

Hydrofarm is an independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products such as high-intensity grow lights, climate control solutions, and growing media.

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