The plant, operated by Escorts Kubota India, will manufacture multi-purpose tractors for various applications in the country


The first production in the new plant. (Credit: KUBOTA Corporation)

Kubota, along with its manufacturing joint venture (JV), has commenced mass production of tractors in India.

In February 2019, the company established Escorts Kubota India (EKI) as a joint venture with Escorts to manufacture tractors in the country.

In July this year, Kubota announced an investment of around JPY16bn ($152m) in Escorts to expand its operations in the Indian market.

EKI’s plant, which has commenced mass production, will manufacture multi-purpose tractors that are suitable for towing, transportation, and various other applications apart from agricultural work.

Escorts has local manufacturing expertise, as well as significant capabilities in components procurement

Kubota intends to expand business development in India by introducing new products

Kubota aims to expedite business development by introducing products, which hold the capacity to meet local requirements in the Indian tractor market.

According to Kubota, the Indian tractor market is one of the largest in the world in terms of the number of units and is projected to keep expanding in the future.

In March this year, Kubota collaborated with US technology firm Microsoft to enhance its digital transformation.

The collaboration will enable Kubota to shift its IT infrastructure and SAP mission-critical systems onto Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform.

Kubota is a major manufacturer of agricultural machines for both rice farming and dry field farming.

The company’s rice farming equipment is mostly used in Asian countries. It also supplies high horse-power large tractors for dry-field farming in France.