Innovations from Lindsay include Next Gen Zimmatic Controllers, Zimmatic 9520PL and Zimmatic 9500HS


Image: Centre pivot irrigation in Al Rayyan, Qatar. Photo: Courtesy of Alex Sergeev/Wikimedia Commons.

Lindsay Corporation, a US company that manufactures and distributes irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, has launched customer-driven irrigation solutions to help growers improve productivity and conserve resources.

Based in the state of Nebraska, Lindsay manufactures Zimmatic-branded centre pivot irrigation systems, farm and construction machinery, and road and railroad infrastructure equipment.

The company will showcase new pivot technologies, control panels and remote management solutions at the 2019 Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days to be held from 10 to 12 September 2019 at Grand Island, Nebraska.

Lindsay to display Zimmatic innovations

Innovations that will be on display include Next Gen Zimmatic Controllers, Zimmatic 9520PL and Zimmatic 9500HS.

Next Gen Zimmatic Controllers, to be launched by the end of 2019, comprise a full range of next-generation Zimmatic controllers, including the 500C, the 700C and the 712C.

The FieldNET-ready controllers are aimed at making remote monitoring and control capabilities more accessible.

The controllers feature smart barrier automation for irrigating part circles, allowing the pivot to reverse, return and stop at the point of origin, and growers can create custom irrigation programmes unique to each field.

Smart alignment in the controllers provides real-time, visual feedback for machine alignment. They offer over-the-air serviceability for software and firmware updates and feature enhancements.

Other key features of the controllers include more end gun areas and management capabilities; additional input and output ports for flexibility in adding accessories and sensors; and an interface based on mobile app design principles for intuitive operation in the field and through the FieldNET mobile app.

The new 9520 Pivoting Lateral is a cost-effective, technologically advanced solution to irrigate more land with maximum flexibility. Its optical barrier offers more programming flexibility, and GPS technology enhances accuracy, saves time and requires less maintenance compared to furrow-guided machines.

The Zimmatic 9520PL is suitable for high-value crops on large, irregular-shaped fields where multiple traditional centre pivot and lateral-move systems may not be cost-effective. The solution is expected to be launched globally by the end of this year.

The Zimmatic 9500 High Speed pivot will allow growers to operate at up to twice the speed of a standard centre drive motor.

To be launched in North America later this year, the equipment is suitable for root crops such as potatoes, onions, carrots, sugar beets and alfalfa.

Quicker water application helps maintain moisture during germination and protects high-value crops during the heat of the day.

Also available is the solar-powered FieldNET Pivot Watch, a remote management product. It is an ultra-low-cost, monitor-only solution and is compatible with any brand of electric or hydraulic pivot. Growers can install it themselves because it does not tap into the electrical circuitry.