Lindsay and Farmers Edge will provide advanced AI-driven crop management solution to growers


Lindsay and Farmers Edge announced a plan to connect and digitise two million irrigated acres by the end of 2021 (Credit: PRNewswire / Lindsay Corporation)

Lindsay has expanded digital collaboration with Farmers Edge to connect and digitise two million irrigated acres by the end of 2021.

Lindsay produces and distributes irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, while Farmers Edge has expertise in digital agriculture.

Both firms will incorporate their digital platforms to offer a fully connected crop management solution to the growers and dealer networks.

Lindsay and Farmers Edge will also work together on data science, machine learning and AI-driven analytics streams to provide accurate water-based insights and predictive models for agriculture.

Lindsay irrigation software product manager Albert Maurin said: “This integration of platforms enables growers to use tools like high-resolution satellite imagery to see a visual indication of variation in crop health across a field from the convenience of their laptop or smartphone.”

Lindsay can access Farmers Edge’s high-resolution satellite imagery and field-centric dataset

Under the strategic initiative, Farmers Edge will offer Lindsay access to both high-resolution satellite imagery and field-centric dataset.

An integration of Lindsay’s FieldNET Advisor irrigation management platform with Farmers Edge’s FarmCommand AI-driven farm management platform will help growers to access digital tools, which offer real-time information to control pivots and monitor crop health.

The predictive models will support growers to detect issues such as seeding or application errors, tile drainage, weather damage, pests, disease and others.

The combined digital platforms also help growers to make informed water management decisions to improve applications and yield potential.

Farmers Edge will also offer Lindsay’s FieldNET Pivot Watch remote irrigation monitoring solution that features IoT sensors which connect to any centre pivot, as well as FieldNET Advisor that enables growers to understand irrigation better.

The enhanced platform will be provided to new and existing Farmers Edge and Lindsay growers via Zimmatic dealer network and the Farmers Edge sales network.

Farmers Edge CEO and co-founder Wade Barnes said: “At Farmers Edge, we’re focused on creating a digital agricultural ecosystem that’s centered around a fully connected farm. Farmers Edge has thousands of connected machines, weather stations, and in-field sensors across the globe, but we have yet to bring a crucial asset—center pivots.”

In August 2019, Lindsay launched customer-driven irrigation solutions to help growers improve productivity and conserve resources.