Mission Produce’s new facility will act as a crucial distribution hub for Mexican avocados to the US


Mission Produce has broken ground on new mega distribution facility in Laredo. (Credit: Mission Produce)

Mission Produce, an advanced avocado network, has broken ground on a new mega distribution facility in the US.

Situated in Laredo of Texas, the 262,000ft² facility will act as a crucial distribution hub for Mexican avocados to the US. It is expected to create 75 new jobs in the region.

A M King has offered design services for the new mega distribution facility

A M King Construction Company has provided the design services for the new ripening, cold storage, and distribution centre. Construction of the facility is expected to be completed by mid-2021.

Mission Produce president and CEO Steve Barnard said: “The city of Laredo is strategically positioned on the border of Texas and Mexico, making it an ideal location for the distribution of Mexican avocados into the United States.

“By investing in Laredo, we are redoubling our commitment to serving customers, providing value-added services, creating jobs, and leading the avocado industry.”

The new capital project will also help the Mission to offer third-party services to other businesses in the produce industry, in addition to serving the avocado sector.

Initially, the mega distribution centre will offer the company with 40 dock positions, ripening rooms, bagging operations, and pallet cooling capacities that can be used for any commodity.

The centre will also offer extensive refrigerated dock and cooler space, which can be used for third-party logistics crossings and short-term storage.

According to Mission, the company can house, cool and cross-dock the countless fresh products that cross the Mexico-US border each day upon completion of the project.

Laredo’s Mayor Pete Saenz said: “Mission Produce’s decision to invest in Laredo speaks volumes for city’s international trade and logistics industry, which has made Laredo the number one port in the country.”

In May, Blue Diamond Growers, a grower-owned cooperative, announced two major expansions of its facilities in the almond growing region of Central Valley, California.