HOBOnet is Onset’s advanced wireless mesh network system that enables to remotely monitor a large area

Onset announces new suite of soil moisture sensors.

Onset has introduced new suite of soil moisture sensors. (Credit: PRNewswire / Onset)

Data logger manufacturer Onset has introduced new wireless HOBOnet sensors for advanced soil moisture measurements.

The HOBOnet TEROS 11, HOBOnet TEROS 12 and HOBOnet TEROS 21 are the three new HOBOnet-compatible soil moisture sensors.

HOBOnet is the company’s advanced wireless mesh network system, which will help remotely monitor a vast area.

The HOBOnet TEROS 11 and 12 sensors will help measure soil moisture or volumetric water content, in addition to measuring soil temperature. The HOBOnet TEROS 12 sensor will also be used to measure electrical conductivity.

Onset’s HOBOnet TEROS 21 sensor is designed to use with the HOBOnet system for the measuring of both soil temperature and soil water potential.

The sensor will not use calibration for different soil types or salinity, as it measures soil water potential.

Onset product marketing manager Richard Rodrigues said: “This new suite of HOBOnet TEROS soil moisture sensors provides a greater range of soil measurement options and a more complete view of soil conditions.

“With a longer product life than comparable products, HOBOnet TEROS soil moisture sensors can be deployed for extended periods between replacements, resulting in significant savings for our customers.”

The HOBOnet system will be used for web monitoring of different field conditions

The HOBOnet system facilitates web monitoring of field conditions for applications such as crop management, research, and greenhouse operations.

The wireless network sensors help users to easily monitor multiple points with a single system and eliminate the risk of long cables that can interfere with field operations.

TEROS sensors can be easily linked to the HOBOnet wireless mesh network to remotely access the data via HOBOlink cloud-based software platform.

Onset manufactures and supplies data loggers and monitoring solutions to measure, record, and manage data to improve the environment and protect the quality of temperature-sensitive products.

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