Ponce's solution enables real-time monitoring and management of irrigation equipment in remote regions


ORBCOMM and Ponce help farmers throughout Latin America gain substantial cost savings. (Credit: ORBCOMM Inc.)

ORBCOMM, an internet of things (IoT) solutions provider, has announced that Ponce is utilising its satellite IoT technology to provide efficient agricultural irrigation for farmers throughout Latin America.

Ponce, an Argentinian IoT company specialising in agricultural efficiency,  is supporting farmers to gain substantial cost savings and preserve water through its irrigation solutions using ORBCOMM’s satellite IoT technology.

Powered by ORBCOMM’s global satellite connectivity and connected to an ORBCOMM modem, Ponce’s solution enables real-time monitoring and management of irrigation equipment in remote regions, where cellular coverage is unavailable or unreliable.

Ponce’s system helps farmers to automate manual processes

Ponce’s system combines the early detection of machine failure along with accurate crop irrigation data. This data will help farmers to automate manual processes to inspect equipment, detect faulty machinery and conduct maintenance.

ORBCOMM said that the equipment provides details regarding the machine position, water pressure, abnormalities and other critical parameters that include hours of use, water usage, water flow and rainfall measurement.

The information will be transmitted to Ponce’s data cloud through satellite that will send alerts and reports to farmers’ mobiles in real time.

The alerts and reports are expected to enable farmers to take quick, more informed business decisions regarding the optimal irrigation schedules, maintenance activities, the movement and position of irrigation equipment.

ORBCOMM global sales general manager and executive vice president Christian Allred said: “ORBCOMM’s reliable satellite connectivity is critical to the success of Ponce’s sophisticated solution, which has revolutionized irrigation operations for farmers, while helping reduce the environmental impact of farming and preserve water, both of which are integral to our corporate social responsibility mission.”