As part of the partnership, Senet has certified Zenseio’s LSMP2 telemetry station

Senet and Zensio

Image: Senet and Zenseio join hands to bring smart agri solutions. Photo: Courtesy of Free-Photos/Pixabay

Senet, a cloud-based software developer, has partnered with Zenseio, an Internet of Things (IoT) system integrator, to simplify access to advanced farming technology to enhance growing processes, increase crop yields, and minimise costs.

Under the partnership, Senet has certified Zenseio’s LSMP2, a multi-purpose telemetry station, providing agriculture market with pre-integrated, network-based solutions to modernise how soil conditions, water usage, weather conditions and other parameters are monitored.

Senet has also added LSMP2 to its end device marketplace LoRaWAN. The marketplace lists hundreds of devices that are certified or at various stages of being certified to operate on the Senet network. Access to such certified devices can help in reducing time to market and ensure optimal performance.

LSMP2 allows growers to monitor and control agricultural environments

The battery-operated LSMP2 Telemetry Station is claimed to have been built to withstand years of operation in harsh conditions, without maintenance. It allows growers to monitor accurately and control large-scale agricultural environments at a low capital cost.

Senet said that certification with its network provides customers with access to LoRaWAN network in the US and offers flexible options to add coverage based on unique geographical and application-specific connectivity needs.

Zenseio president Roman Staszewski said: “Today’s IoT sensors must be low cost, easy to install and last for long periods of time in the field. These characteristics allow growers to scale their deployments and benefit from true operational visibility.

“Senet’s highly scalable LoRaWAN network provides a significant opportunity for growers to deploy low cost, low power sensor technology to understand more about their crops and take action to improve their operations, increase yields, and optimize resource usage.”

Till now, poor wireless coverage across rural across rural areas has hindered in the adoption of IoT solutions. Usually, farmlands are often isolated from cellular or Wi-Fi technologies and where they do exist, the cost and complexity of deployment make them prohibitive.

Senet CEO Bruce Chatterley said: “We are excited to be working with Zenseio to provide secure, low power wide area IoT network connectivity for their Smart Agriculture sensors.

“Growers have unique challenges in rural areas and the long-range network coverage and extended battery life features of LoRaWAN provide new opportunities for farmers to revolutionize traditional growing processes and produce the highest yields and quality possible.”