Sensei Ag will involve in the designing, development and deployment of advanced agricultural technologies to build a stable food supply


Sensei Farms’ nutritious leafy greens. (Credit: Sensei Ag)

Sensei Holdings has been bifurcated into agriculture and leisure travel business units to better focus on the expansion of each unit.

Sensei Retreats, the leisure travel business unit, will hold the singular Sensei name and lead by Kevin Kelly in the role of CEO.

Sensei Ag, which is the new name of the farms’ division, will focus on offering hyper-local, nutrient-rich and affordable food to developed and emerging economies. Sonia Lo, an expert in the agri-food sector, will lead the farms’ division in the role of CEO.

Lo said: “There has never been a better time to rebuild our global food and agriculture supply chains. We are incredibly well-positioned with Larry and David’s guidance, knowledge and networks to become the leader in our space.”

Guided by Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and physician and scientist Dr David Agus, Sensei Ag will engage in the designing, development and deployment of advanced agricultural technologies to build a stable food supply.

Sensei Ag will is planning to deploy growing systems in three ways to enhance productivity. Initially, the company aims to apply modular components in its production process to rapidly and efficiently deploy better-performing technologies.

Next, the farms’ division will use each of its technologies in a form factor agnostic manner, helping to identify a suitable environment for each crop.

Finally, Sensei Ag intends to decrease the time required to build a large-scale indoor farm through a combination of partnership, collaboration and acquisition.

Sensei Ag is presently piloting its growing techniques at Lāna’I farm location

At present, Sensei Ag is piloting its growing techniques at Sensei Farms Lāna’i, which holds the capacity to produce more than a million pounds of food per year in less than an acre of space and with 90% less water compared to traditional farming.

Upon completion, Sensei Farms’ Lāna’i location will include six greenhouses and each with 20,000ft² in size.

The current greenhouses on Lāna’I provide different fruits, vegetables and herbs to Sensei Retreats, local chefs, hoteliers and retailers within hours of harvest.

Sensei Ag co-founder Dr David Agus said: “Employing science along with human health and consumer-driven data, we will right global inconsistencies in nutrition, promote food security and develop technologies capable of cultivating produce that is unmistakably better tasting and healthier than anything has grown today.”

Earlier this month, Bayer collaborated with artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics company Prospera Technologies to develop integrated digital solutions for vegetable greenhouse growers.