Sound Agriculture stated that the partnership has the potential to reduce nitrogen application by 7.5 million metric tonnes per year in China

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SOURCE activates microbes in the soil that unlock vital nutrients. It offers a new approach to nutrient efficiency that enhances the systems that exist in nature. (Credit: PR Newswire/ Sound Agriculture.)

US-based plant protection start-up Sound Agriculture has collaborated with Syngenta to reduce the usage of nitrogen fertiliser by up to 30% in China.

The company said that the partnership with Syngenta has the potential to reduce nitrogen application by 7.5 million metric tonnes per year in China.

Its flagship product, Source, helps to stimulate soil microbes to provide access to more nitrogen and phosphorus at the root zone while reducing the need for nitrogen fertiliser.

Sound Agriculture CEO Adam Litle said: “SOURCE enhances the natural systems that exist in the field, harnessing the innate ability of the plant and soil to perform better.

“We have seen great results in the U.S. and are thrilled to work with Syngenta to extend into China and make a significant impact on the health of our planet.”

The product uses a proprietary technology to activate microbes in the soil and give plants access to more nitrogen and phosphorus.

Initially, it will be used on corn and wheat crops with future expansion to rice, potatoes, and potentially other crops.

As part of the collaboration, Syngenta will work on product formulation and will be responsible for the field development, sales and marketing of Source in China.

Meanwhile, Sound Agriculture will be responsible for manufacturing Source and collaborate on future product development for subsequent crops.

Syngenta Biologicals global head Corey Huck said: “Our partnership with Sound Agriculture provides an opportunity to collaborate and explore how we can provide growers with additional complementary choices of sustainable products and technologies to improve plant health.”

In May this year, Sound Agriculture has secured $22m in Series C funding round led by S2G Ventures (Seed 2 Growth), with existing investors including Cultivian Sandbox, Fall Line Capital, Cavallo Ventures and Syngenta Ventures.