RDO Water to provide sales and distribution services to SWIIM System’s water accounting solutions to growers in the western US


Image: SWIIM and RDO Water sign sales and distribution agreement. Photo: Courtesy of Alistair Williamson/FreeImages

Agricultural water accounting services provider SWIIM System has signed a long-term sales and distribution agreement with RDO Water, a provider of agriculture equipment and irrigation systems.

RDO Water serves growers and water districts across multiple regions with more than 75 stores in nine states and partners with distributors in Africa, Australia, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.

The agreement between SWIIM and RDO Water initially targets the western US with focus on coastal and Southern California, with irregular surface water availability from sources such as the Colorado River and increased concerns around groundwater restrictions under legislation such as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

As part of the agreement, RDO water will support SWIIM in strengthening sales and distribution of its water accounting solutions to growers and water districts concerned about agricultural water availability from both surface and groundwater sources.

RDO Water also expects to help its clients integrate SWIIM into its already-established irrigation systems.

For growers who need a robust equipment solution, RDO Water will work with SWIIM’s engineering department to upgrade grower’s systems to support water planning and accounting platform.

SWIIM CEO Kevin France said: “We generally service two types of clients – the first has some agricultural water use data and is always looking for better ways to manage their water. The second type isn’t so fortunate, and in light of dwindling supplies, could be in need of immediate support.

“This vital partnership with RDO Water will allow us to access more growers and water districts in need of our help in a more efficient way.”

The agreement is also expected to add weight to SWIIM’s agreement with Central Irrigation/Water & Land Solutions, and its long-standing partnership with Western Growers Association. The arrangement further bolsters the company to help growers of all sizes manage challenges associated with restricted water supplies.

SWIIM’s accounting solution is expected to strengthen water conservation

The company will work with individual growers, water districts and groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) to assure accurate measurement of agricultural water supplies and offer a tool to enable water conservation.

RDO water sales vice president Richard Arias said: “As we begin to understand the importance of managing the world’s most precious resource: water, RDO, with the help of SWIIM, look forward to the opportunity to help growers and water districts improve the logistical management of water through an amazing budget technology platform.

“This planning and accounting tool will allow our RDO customers to have a more clear and comprehensive understanding of water use efficiency in real time, which is critically important given the regulatory pressures and stewardship needs of this vital resource. We can’t manage if we don’t measure.”