Toro will be the sole supplier of YAMIT’s filtration solutions in the US, Canada and Mexico


Image: Toro will supply YAMIT’s filtration solutions for irrigation operations in North America. Photo: courtesy of WikimediaImages from Pixabay.

The Toro Company, a US-based supplier of irrigation systems, has collaborated with YAMIT Filtration to supply advanced filtration systems for agricultural and greenhouse irrigation operations in North America.

Under the exclusive collaboration, Toro will exclusively supply YAMIT’s filtration solutions in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Toro to offer many of YAMIT’s  top-selling solutions to North American customers

The companies will offer a range of filtration products to enhance grower efficiency and streamline operations for Toro’s North American customers.

The strategic partnership is said to compliment Toro’s full range of micro-irrigation products, in addition to helping the company to address the requirements of row, field and permanent crop growers with a full filtration solution.

YAMIT USA president Arnon Klein said: “This is an exciting time for YAMIT Filtration. YAMIT’s partnership with The Toro Company will provide the highest quality filtration systems with reliability, cost-effectiveness and customer service excellence to the agricultural irrigation market.”

The deal allows Toro customers to purchase a range of irrigation filters, including filtration models with stainless steel and carbon steel options.

Toro will supply YAMIT’s major solutions such as manual screen filters, semi-automatic screen filters, automatic hydraulic filters, sand media filters, hydrocyclone sand separators and pre-pump strainers.

YAMIT Filtration products offer various benefits, including easy maintenance, operation and assembly, as well as low water and energy consumption. The company’s products are designed to better meet the agricultural filtration requirements.

Toro distribution centres located across the US will be used for the stocking of products, helping to better meet local market requirements.

Toro Ag Americas managing director Neville Mody said: “The Toro Company is excited to partner with YAMIT Filtration, and for the opportunity to offer a full line of filtration options, along with Aqua-Traxx and FlowControl, and the rest of our product offering.

“YAMIT’s industry-leading filter systems are a natural complement to our existing product portfolio and will enable us to deliver a complete irrigation solution that will help our customers increase efficiencies and yields while reducing costs.”