The companies will develop high-precision application systems for crop protection products


Valley and Cordoba will develop precision application solutions for crop protection products (Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay)

Valley Irrigation has collaborated with Cordoba Technologies (CTI) to develop precision application solutions for crop protection products.

Under the deal, the companies will work together for the development of automated and high-precision application systems for crop protection products.

CTI CEO Santiago Prandi said: “Teaming up with Valley to further advance adoption of our systems is a big win for growers everywhere.

“Cordoba technology offers an efficient way to apply crop protection products simply and accurately – at any time.”

Valley is investing in the partnership to continue developing and implementing an advanced crop management technology to enhance the power of the trusted equipment in their fields.

Both firms will continue to research better ways to improve technology and redefine the functionality of centre pivots.

Cordoba aims to provide growers with more crop management options

Cordoba aims to further minimise the amounts of chemicals growers use, as well as improve the plant health and provide growers with more crop management options.

Valley global technology strategy vice president Trevor Mecham said: “Smart application is one part of a fully connected farm, and an important aspect of our ongoing sustainability efforts. When we can be more accurate with the products we apply to crops, it’s better for farms and better for the world.

“Meeting their needs drives advancements in technology that help them do more with the durable structures that are already in their fields. We help growers produce more with fewer resources, making better decisions that provide return on investment and increased profits.”

With sales of over 250,000 centre pivots and linears, Valley’s Valmont-built equipment irrigates around 25 million acres per annum across the world.

Cordoba is engaged in the designing of equipment for farmers. Its equipment can be used in multiple applications to decrease growers’ costs, increase productivity and reduce the impact on the environment.

In September 2019, Valley Irrigation announced that it will launch its Valley 365, a new single-source platform for connected crop management, early next year.