Valley Irrigation’s Valley 365 will offer single sign-on access to complete connected crop management with an easy-to-use user interface

Valley Irrigation

Image: Valley Irrigation to launch new software solution next year. Photo: Courtesy of Griszka Niewiadomski/FreeImages

Irrigation technology developer Valley Irrigation announced that it will launch its Valley 365, a new single-source platform for connected crop management, early next year.

Valley Irrigation stated that its new Valley 365 will combine the features from its existing technology into an easy-to-use interface for single, sign-on access to complete connected crop management.

With key functional solutions such as AgSense, Valley Scheduling, Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and Valley Insights, it is claimed to be a command centre connecting growers to their fields.

Valley Irrigation product development vice president Andy Carritt said: “The ability to access the tried-and-true Valley technology with one single sign-on is a major benefit in itself.

“And the real value of this end-to-end platform is that it gives growers greater efficiency, helps them make smarter business decisions and is built to support future advancements in precision irrigation.”

According to the company, its Valley 365 offers greater efficiency, as existing applications could be integrated, allowing growers to use a single sign-on to access all solutions.

As an end-to-end cloud-based platform, it will offer growers a simple and intuitive user experience. Growers can leverage equipment, environmental and agronomic data more effectively and in real-time.

The new software solution can also be customised based on the changing needs of growers. It is also built on the latest cloud-based technology, offering unlimited data storage, enhanced support capability and is claimed to be highly secured.

Carritt continued saying: “At Valley, we invest in technology because we are invested in our growers and Valley 365 streamlines the core applications they know and trust, supported by the strength of our industry-best structures and dealer network.”

In February this year, Valmont Industries, the parent company of Valley Irrigation, has formed a global partnership with Prospera Technologies, an Israeli machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) company specialising in ag data.

The collaboration will support growers with autonomous crop management solutions bringing greater returns, while requiring fewer production inputs and resources.